Save Big on Generic Drugs!

Written by: Stephen Slater

Save big buying generic drugs onlineFor many years, branded medicines have dominated the medicine cabinets of households. The current global economic crisis, however, is pushing consumers to try generic drugs. More and more people are now realizing that generic drugs carry the same potency as branded ones, but only for a fraction of the price of the branded types.

The huge drop in the price tag is one of the main advantages that generic drugs hold over branded drugs. The difference in their prices can sometimes be obvious enough for people to buy them wholesale. Sadly, that same factor is one of the main causes why some people question the quality and legitimacy of these generic items. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Generic medicines have the exact same components, and are just as safe and effective as their more popular counterparts. Most of these generic medications make use of the exact same formula that the branded versions use, so besides the differences in color and shape, they are essentially the same.  The key here is to find an online pharmacy that you can verify and trust, as you can be sure that their products are safe and are obtained from reliable sources.

Generic medicines have been around at the same time as branded drugs. The only difference is that branded medicines are the ones that have been granted with patents, which give companies the right to label their medicines and to charge a higher a price to recover their marketing and advertising expenses. Since labels make consumers be familiarized with medicines, generic drugs were left to gather dust in the shelves.

Today, however, patents granted to some popular drugs are starting to expire. This means that generic drugs may now apply for patents and people may begin to acquaint themselves with new medicines. As the economy remains unstable, the rise of generic drugs in the market has been predicted to continue.

While this phenomenon is slowly eating up the profits of large pharmaceutical companies, this might call a celebration among consumers and pharmacies. The more consumers using the generic drugs, the greater discounts and savings people will have, and therefore, more profits for generic drug manufacturers and pharmacies worldwide.