The Pros and Cons of the Online Pharmacy

Written by:Stephen Slater

Buying generic drugs online securely with credit card.Before the advent of World Wide Web, people grew up with the notion that medicines could only be bought from their local pharmacy. That has all changed. People can now purchase medicines from the comfort of their homes at significantly lower prices.  Unfortunately with all new technologies comes new challenges. This article will discuss the pros and cons of the online pharmacy and how to minimize the risks of purchasing medicines online from fraudulent websites.



The primary reason why a lot of people choose to buy online is because of price.  Online pharmacies offer medicines that are significantly cheaper than traditional pharmacies.  Most people are looking for a good bargain, and ordering over the web is simply more economical, especially with the availability of generic medicines.


Another major benefit of an online pharmacy is convenience. The online pharmacy offers you the ability to purchase medicines without having to travel to a local pharmacy that may entail the added stress of standing in line waiting for a pharmacist to fill your order. Many people find ordering medicines on the internet very simple and appreciate the time saved, convenience and flexibility.

Wider Range of Choices 

Many online pharmacies provide a wider range of generic medicines than regular pharmacies. This is because certain generic medicines cannot be bought in the consumer’s home country due to patent issues and alike.

Medical information

Online pharmacies provide important medical information on how medicines work, as well as information on product safety and side effects. Although not intended to supplement or substitute the expertise of your physician, you can ask your doctor better questions now that you are armed with the information provided.


When ordering from online pharmacies, people don’t have to be in public to purchase medication. Some people have conditions that aren’t as socially acceptable as others, and would prefer to order medication in the privacy of their homes rather than risk exposure and humiliation in public. The added privacy provided by online pharmacies have definitely made an impact in the lives of people living with conditions that they don’t want the whole world to know of.


Rogue Pharmacies

While many online pharmacies are legitimate, some of them are rogue websites which really do not have the backing of professional, qualified pharmacists and doctors. These illegitimate online pharmacies usually sell prescription drugs even without requiring an actual prescription. This raises the possibility of overdose and addiction because even substances like Vicodin or Prozac that can be freely purchased from these sites. To minimize the risk of buying medicines from rogue pharmacies, its best to consult an online pharmacy review site. A pharmacy review site can reveal the top online pharmacies and the medicines they’re providing. Consumers can access feedback from past customers regarding the quality of medicines and service the pharmacy provides.


The safety and reputation of large chain pharmacies are well known. Independent online pharmacies can also be as equally safe and reputable, such as Unfortunately some independent online pharmacies might not be as safe, so caution should be taken when ordering from an online facility you know nothing about. It's better to stick with popular online pharmacies that have been in business for 5 years or more and are listed on many pharmacy review sites. 

Protection of Personal / Financial Data

Some online pharmacies do not sufficiently protect your individual and financial data. An online privacy policy is essential, for self-evident reasons. Before submitting financial information check that the online pharmacy utilizes industry-standard security measures such a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and an encrypted order form. Web pages involving financial transactions should begin with “https:” as insecure pages begin with "http:" without the "s" at the end.