Helpful Tips on Buying Medicines Online

Written by: Stephen Slater

Helpful tips buying generic drugs online
If you are one of the millions of people who buy medication online, then you know the benefits and the convenience of getting your prescriptions filled at an online pharmacy. However, you may not be maximizing your online pharmacy experience. Here are six tips on buying medicines online:

  • Safe and Sound: Do your homework on the medicine you have chosen. You can find important information on how the medicine works, as well as the safety and side effects information, provided by the online pharmacy. Although not intended to supplement or substitute the expertise of your physician, you can ask your doctor better questions now that you are armed with the information provided.

  • The power of search: Search the internet for the best online pharmacies or specific medicines. For example, if you are shopping for generic Viagra, you can use a search engine like Yahoo or Google to search for the phrase “best generic Viagra”. Look through the results obtained which will point you in the right direction. Vary the search phrase for example, instead of typing “best generic Viagra” you could try “discount generic Viagra” for a whole new set of results.

  • Compare prices: Search for the same medicine on various different sites to find where you can get the lowest price. You’d be amazed as to how the same medicine can sell for such a big price difference. For popular medicines, such as male erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, there are sites that perform the price comparison function on your behalf. To save time and effort in comparing prices for the most popular ED drugs, consider visiting reputable sites such as, and

  • Validate site: Once you have found a website with lowest price for the medicine you want to purchase, a good idea would be to consult an online pharmacy review site. If the online pharmacy is listed, more than likely you will be able to access feedback from past customers regarding the quality of products and service that the pharmacy provides. Only buy from sites that are legitimate and have good online reviews.

  • Lowest shipping charges: While shopping online, you normally have to pay shipping charges on most products which are calculated after you checkout. However, in the pharmaceutical industry there are online pharmacies that provide free shipping on large orders or better still free shipping worldwide regardless of order size. When determining the price of medicine it is very important to take into consideration the shipping charges.

  • Discount Coupons: Keep an eye open for discount coupons either listed on the pharmacy’s website itself, or on third party websites. A good place to start looking for online pharmacy coupons would be either  or . Both sites provide a comprehensive list on online pharmacy coupons that have been validated as working.