Generic Drugs versus Brand Name Medicines

Written by: Stephen Slater

generic and brand name pillsOnline pharmacies are steadily growing in number every day, and people are starting to ask if it is okay to purchase generic medicine on the internet. There are some who really don’t want to do so, mainly because of cases wherein consumers have reportedly been hoaxed into buying generic drugs online. For that reason alone, you might want to consider learning a few things about this ongoing trend first before reaching into your pockets for a quick bargain.

What is a generic drug?

A generic is a copy of a brand-name drug. A brand name drug has a patent. When the patent runs out usually after 10 to 14 years, other companies can make generic versions of the drug. Drug companies spend billions of dollars advertising brand-name drugs, like Lipitor and Celebrex. But often you can buy a generic drug that works just as well and costs much less!

What is different about generics?

The big difference is that generic medicines usually cost less than brand-name drugs. There are a few other differences such as color, shape, size, or taste but none of these differences affect the quality of the drug.

Are generics as good as brand-names?

By law, all generics must have the same active ingredients as the brands they copy. They must be the same strength and work the same way as the brand name drug. Generic drugs are not like generic cereal or canned goods, where the brand name can be a better product.

Online pharmacies assure consumers that their generic drugs are WHO-approved and are manufactured by only reputable companies who are subject to the same standards set on them by the FDA. They produce generic medicines in the same state-of-the-art facilities as brand name drugs and are just as effective in treating various diseases.  Besides cutting cost, online pharmacies also provide the convenience of purchasing medicines in the comfort of the customer’s home. Generic antibacterial and cold medications are available on every online pharmacy. Impotence drugs are also very popular and can now be ordered online. Online pharmacies also sell generic weight loss products that really help in losing weight.

There are sites online that only sell generic medications whereby consumers can save a lot when purchasing their medicines. These generic online pharmacies even offer big discounts. Some of them also offer free shipping and online support. Online pharmacies have developed a loyal following and have many satisfied users of generic products.

As generics drugs have the same effect as brand name drugs, doctors have been prescribing it to patients. Those who purchase drugs online can save a lot of money for the consumers and purchasing them online can also cut the cost. Almost all online pharmacies are selling generic medicines now, so consumers can take advantage of the lower cost of these medicines.